We are a company
with a history of success!

The company origins are linked to the vision of the enterpriser and its founder Luis Abreu. His long experience in this sector made him be aware of the lack of offers in a recent market such as Portugal. There was a strong demand of machines, but a poor answer to it

Year 1993

Beginning of MIB

Starting date with only 5 persons in Centro Comercial do Barreiro – V.N. de Famalicão.

Year 1996

Changing of premises

Changing of premises to Devesa Alta – Cabeçudos – V.N. de Famalicão, already with 8 persons.

Year 1997

Evolution, innovation

Introduces in the market the laser cutter machines, the hot-fix transfer automatic and manual machines. Opens the Lisbon Branch with the aim of creating a better assistance service in the south area. The number of persons increased to 11.

Year 1999

Market leadership

Reaches the leading of the market, mainly in laser cutter machines.

Year 2000

New premises

Buys a new pavilion next to the head office to increase the storage capacity and the technical sector in the North of Portugal.

Year 2002

Innovation in services

Creates an autonomous structure to the technical assistance – BARUMIB.

Year 2003

Implementation of new systems

Starts a new stage in the management system, establishing an “objectives management system” involving all the collaborators in 2006.

Year 2005

Restructuring of areas

Closes the Lisbon branch, satisfying the customers from the north headquartes.

Year 2006

Quality certification

Starts the implementation of quality certification ISO 9001:2000.

Year 2008

All American Supply partnership

Starts to sell digital printing machines, after making a partnership with All American Supply.

Year 2012


Around May closes Barumib, after a restructuration, satisfying the customers technical need directly from MIB.


Aeoon partnership

Starts to sell digital industrial textile printing machines, after making a partnership with Aeoon.