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A new style of 3D embroidery, made using conventional multi or single-head embroidery machines and embroidery threads, but which is raised up to 5 mm above the fabric.

Fuwari has an spectacular 3D aspect and touch, and its resistance is the same as other embroidery.

This system is completely protected by international patents.

Pronged Nailhead Setter Machine

Pronged Nailhead Setter SL-789

  • Adjustable for Work speed, Fixing Power, Light Brightness, etc;
  • Counting device to show work quantity and Reset function;
  • Two operating Functions-Auto and Manual functions. In Auto function, if it's kept on pressing pedal it works continuously, in manual function, it needs to press pedal one by one to operate it;
  • Easy operation system to be worked with beginner;
  • Laser light points a work position so operator just needs to move fabric to laser light of machine.

Hot-fix Machine Setter

Twin Hotfixers Multiple 21

Equipped with ADJUSTING BOLT OF NOZZLE DISTANCE! (Hand-adjusting in air supplying ; Invented First in the World)

  • Two Heads and two systems(ultrasonic & heating)
  • Available to fix rhinestones(glass), rhinestuds(metal), nailheads(metal)
  • Available to fix two sizes or two colors with two rotating plates
  • Twin head-operated automatically by one button switch only without changing any part/moving time of head-one second
  • Two systems-operated automatically by one button switch only without changing any part/moving time of system-one second
  • New Ultrasonic and New Heating system in a strong durability
  • Various applications on thin~thick fabrics and embroideries
  • Strong Durability ; used with many imported parts for best quality
  • Equipped with Automatic drainage
  • Equipped with spring cushion system for protecting stones
  • Small work table is supplied for various applications
  • Two operating functions - Auto and Manual functions

Manual Vacuum Setter MVS-01

Ultrasonic system

  • Equipped with Vacuum system to take up stone
  • Available size : 3~6mm only (2mm is not available)
  • Workable accessories : rhinestone (2mm~6mm) / rhinestuds & nailheads (3mm~4mm)
  • Power Supply : 220V ~110V
  • Dimension : 300mm X 230MM X 170MM
  • Weight(net) : 8 kg

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