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Hot Fix Transfer Machines

Automatic Motif Making Machine

Yongnam CAMS 1V-6P Rotativa

  • Hotfix motif making work with 6 colors and sizes of rhinestone
  • Development of exclusive software for development of new designs
  • Ability of making hotfix motif with round shaped rhinestone
  • Easy computer design programming, saving and selecting function
  • Easy start function and easy operation

The world first full automatic hotfix motif making machine with computer design programming exclusively for hotfix motif, milti parts feeders, automatic x-y table, absorption error sensor, and more, such high technologies overcome the limits of productivity and quality uniformity of manual hotfix motif making works.(patented)

Yongnam CAMS 4H-3P - Multihead transfer stone machine

Machine fully computerized for the design and creation of stone motifs on transfer paper. Stone feed is totally automatic, with four heads, each one with six pots, which allows to work with six different colours or six different sizes.

Yongnam CAMS 1V-2P

Works with 2 colors or sizes of stones
Easy to exchange feeder plates
Simplified buttons for easy operation
Automatic positioning according to highly sensitive sensors and step motors
One-touch start function for repeating last job
Bundled with motif drawing software-GemMaster

Automatic Hotfix Spangle Motif

Yongnam YAS-11

Perfect preparation for various designs

  • Ability of making hotfix spangle motif with 11 colors and shapes of spangle tape

Ensurance of quality uniformity and reproductivity

  • Automatic work with pulse moter
  • Automatic repeat of works with identical design

Simple and convenient operation function

  • Simplified buttons for easy operation
  • LCD menu indication function
  • Convenient cartridge exchange function

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